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Dr. Billinghurst wrote the book "Give Your Dog a Bone" and many consider him the father of the BARF Diet. Which stands for "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food" or "Bones and Raw Food Diet". In layman's term, the dog's diet would consist mainly of natural raw foods which contains a lot of bones. Chicken or fish carcasses or parts (chicken necks and backs are popular) That way the dog would not intake any fillers such as corn, preservatives, and chemicals.

I would definitely encourage you to read his book. However the reading strongly reminds me of the book "Fast Food Nation" where there is a lot of good information mixed in with some illogical arguments. For example, in the very first chapter, Dr Billinghurst gives a generalized argument as to why dogs need natural food and then ends the argument with a percentage of how much natural food the dog needs. No where in the argument does it support those numbers, let alone mention any numbers. In conclusion, I would say that even with the illogical arguments in the book, it is still worth a place on my shelf since it contains a lot of good factorial information.

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