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Light Vs Lean Dog Food


The calorie and fat contents listed below are the maximum limits allowed in dog and cat food labeled "light" or "lean." These definitions are established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials and authorized by the FDA. Comparisons between products in different categories of moisture content are considered misleading.

  Dry Foods
(< 20 percent water)
Semi-moist Foods
(20-65 percent water)
Moist Foods
(> 65 percent water)

Light, lite or low calorie


Dogs: 1,409 calories per pound
Cats: 1,477 calories per pound
Dogs: 1,136 calories per pound
Cats: 1,205 calories per pound
Dogs: 409 calories per pound
Cats: 432 calories per pound
Lean or low fat

Dogs: 9 percent fat
Cats: 10 percent fat
Dogs: 7 percent fat
Cats: 8 percent fat
Dogs: 4 percent fat
Cats: 5 percent fat

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