What is CBD oil?

If you’ve been the following the trend of natural remedies in the past few years (such as coconut oil for dogs), then you’ve no doubt heard of CBD oil.

But, where does it come from?

This compound is derived from the cannabis plant (yes, that cannabis) and has been used by humans for years thanks to its holistic healing properties without leaving behind any residual high.[1]

How does it help dogs?

Naturally, it was only a matter of time before people started to think about using it on their pets. While its effects are not foolproof, many owners have seen a dramatic improvement in their dog’s behavior when CBD oil is used as a supplement to their regular diet.

In particular, pets with anxiety or older dogs with arthritis are prime candidates for the oil.

Still, it’s not as simple as finding it on store shelves and calling it a day. The world of CBD can be quite complex and confusing. But don’t worry, we did the heavy lifting and are here to clear it up for you. Read on to discover it’s benefits.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

Ahead we list some noted positive benefits CBD oil may offer to dogs.

  • it’s not psychoactive
  • it reduces anxiety
  • may even fight cancer
  • used as treatment of seizures and epilepsy
  • relieves pain
  • helps with bowel disease
  • may reduce inflammation
  • and more.

The best CBD oil for dogs can do all of the above for your canine and more; and the good thing is that CBD has been extensively researched and continues to look promising.

But keep in mind that not all dogs will be effected with CBD oil the same way.

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to give five of the best options available for purchase so that you don’t have to spend hours researching on your own.

OmegaPet Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Pet Anxiety Relief

As with anything bottled with ingestion in mind, you want the product to be a high-quality, safe one that you can rest easy using on your pet. This bottle by OmegaPet checks all those boxes by being organically grown locally in the USA and is even tested by third parties for purity.

That means while your dog still won’t experience all the benefits their marketing department says he will, you can at least be certain that they’re selling you exactly what you ordered.


  • Dropper is reliable which leads to accurate dosing
  • No GMO products


  • Pricey for the size of the bottle

Customer feedback

Price aside, customers are quite pleased with the effect that this hemp oil has on their beloved dogs. Many owners with elderly pets express that their dog is more active and is more comfortable on a day to day basis after extended periods of use.

The downside is that larger dogs require more of the oil, with breeds such as Labradors potentially requiring dozens of drops which makes this quite an expensive long-term proposition.

Pet Club Brothers’ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Another option that’s quite similar to our first is this product by Pet Club Brothers. In principle, both bottles work in exactly the same way with the major difference being the 3rd party testing done for OmegaPet which isn’t present here.

As a trade-off though, this bottle is more versatile since it can be used on both dogs and cats, rather than requiring a second formula. Other than that, there is little to differentiate it, so go with whatever price point is more palatable for your wallet.


  • Works with both dogs and cats
  • Cruelty-free sourcing


  • Not independently tested

Customer feedback

For many owners of dogs with anxiety, a bottle of this hemp oil has become something that they reach for daily. Especially in the case of older dogs that have become more confused with age, the oil helps to give them a clear mind, especially at night.

The label even contains a handy serving size chart, which is great for first-time users. However, some owners have experienced side effects in their pets like diarrhea, and it didn’t work at all for some dogs, so it seems like your mileage may vary.

Restorative Botanicals’ 4Paws PET Blend

We’ve established that not all pets will be affected in the same way with CBD oil, so if you’re still unsure whether it’s a wise investment for your canine family, consider this smaller, more affordable bottle by Restorative Botanicals.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this product also contains cod liver oil, which may or may not be a problem for your pet depending on its own dietary needs.


  • More affordable
  • Tries to offer a more complete supplement by including Omega 3 and 6


  • Not pure oil, so those looking only for CBD will have to look elsewhere

Customer feedback

If your dog doesn’t have a problem with cod, then you very well find some fantastic value in this formula. While it can still be a hit or miss affair when trying to determine whether your dog will experience any positive effects from the hemp portion of the oil, you know that at the very least you’ll be giving your pet some much-needed nutrients for a healthy, shiny coat.

That’s not to say it fails at it’s intended purpose. Plenty of pets experience dramatic improvements when taking the oil, even if it does result in some of the same side effects we saw earlier.

Clean Pet Nutrition USA Veterinarian Formulated Organic Hemp Oil

Owners on a budget might be put off by the price tags on some of these bottles. We get you, it’s hard to justify spending 30 dollars or more on something that may or may not work.

Thankfully, Clean Pet Nutrition is on the same page as you and offers not only great customer support via email and the telephone, but also offers a money-back guarantee.

That should ease your mind somewhat when purchasing, especially considering the larger bottle makes it more of a commitment.


  • Great value considering the huge size of the bottle
  • Approved by major third parties such as the National Institute of Health


  • Takes quite a few weeks before owners can expect to see results

Customer feedback

It’s not instantaneous, but more often than not owners who take the plunge and try this product do notice positive results. Older dogs have more pep in their step, and even young, more nervous pups develop a greater sense of confidence and comfort after using this oil.

It can take more than a month to get there, but thankfully the large size of this bottle means that you’ll be able to tell whether the oil has an effect on your pet or not before you need to buy a second one.

Full Spectrum Hemp All-Natural CBD Oil for Dogs

Our final product comes from Full Spectrum, and we may very well have saved the best for last. The largest bottle on this list has managed to severely limit the dreaded side effects that are experienced with most competing oils.

Not only do you get more oil for your money, but you also need to use less of it, which means your dollar is stretched quite a bit farther too! While it’s perhaps the most effective and is undoubtedly the best value, we would still recommend you give a smaller bottle a shot before committing yourself to something this large.


  • Great value for money
  • Almost no reported side effects


  • Contains grape seed oil, which is not particularly useful to dogs.

Customer feedback

Of all the products on our list, this one has by far the best reception from owners who have tried it. Reports of it not working for their pet are almost non-existent and compared with some other oils, this one works much more efficiently. Positive results can be seen in just a few weeks or less, which is a great relief for your nervous or stiff pets.

Final say on giving dogs CBD oil

Some owners are naturally quite hesitant to try natural remedies for things like anxiety or arthritis. While most companies advertise that their product will always work, we’ve seen that those claims don’t always hold water.

That’s why we took five of the most effective CBD products for dogs around to give you and your pet the best possible chance of getting the results you’re looking for. Just keep a close eye on your pet for side effects, but with any luck, you’ll be wishing you bought a bottle sooner.