It’s safe, open, and fun!

But outside of that, you’ll probably need the best dog leash around!

Ahead we look at non-retractable ones; follow the link to the best retractable dog leashes if you’re in search of a leash that can expand and draw in on it’s own.

Why you need a dog leash

Unfortunately, those of us living in the city don’t always have that same freedom. Not only is it a requirement in many places to have your dog properly tied up, it can even be safer for your pet since it lowers the risks of both accidents with cars, and of getting lost.

It can also be safer for those around you if your pup is nervous or is still in the process of being properly socialized.

Quality matters

With these factors in mind, it’s important that you always have a high-quality, durable leash with you when you walk your dog.

Not only will you be a good citizen obeying the law, but your dog will appreciate the effort of choosing a quality leash.

That’s why if you don’t already one, we’re going to give you a rundown of some of the best options, so you don’t have to worry ever again.

Going for a swim? Not without a good life jacket for dogs you’re not!

Here we go! Below you’ll find we saved you the time of scouring the endless options on the market for a good dog leash. We compiled five choices that savvy dog owners will appreciate.

Primal Pet Gear Traffic Padded 2 Handle Dog Leash

If you’ve got a big, powerful dog, then you need to be sure you’re not tethering yourself to him or her with a weak piece of polyester. That’s why Primal Pet Gear engineered this leash from the ground up with durability in mind.

The clip is sturdy and secure, and the thick nylon will resist even the strongest of tugs and pulls. Some nice added benefit is that it’s also reflective, which makes it ideal for night-time bike rides or walks.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Handles have padding which reduces the tension on your hands


  • Can be a little bit heavy compared to other options

Customer feedback

Earns an outstanding 5 out of 5 stars rating. The feedback says it all. Almost all customers are in love with this leash and have experienced absolutely no problems after extensive use with even the largest breeds of dogs.

They note that their pets have a great range of motion, don’t experience pain or fatigue, and even enjoy the process of getting hooked up for a quick walk.

Few reviewers have had some durability issues in their models, but considering how few of these are out there, it could simply be due to standard defects in the manufacturing process.

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Max and Neo Double Handle Reflective Leash

Sure, the durability question marks on the Primal Pet leash we looked at might have been rare cases, but who knows when it could happen to you?

For complete peace of mind, this Max and Neo leash offers a similarly strong construction with top of the line materials while still offering customers a lifetime warranty.

They’re also known for their generous donations to shelters around the USA, so purchasing this model is doing something positive for both your pet and a dog in need.


  • Has an included D-ring, making it easy to clip other items to the leash
  • Fun variety of colors


  • Doesn’t hold up well to chewing

Customer feedback

This leash for dogs earns an excellent 5 out of 5 stars rating. For most dog owners, Max and Neo leashes have become the endgame accessories for their dog. They’re reasonably priced and excellently made, which makes them the ideal product for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Some reviewers have expressed concern that because the leash is easy to chew through, pets can easily escape from it. This is potential a problem, however, it shouldn’t become too much of an issue if you have an older dog that already went through some obedience training.

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Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash

For those of you with some (but not too much!) faith in your dog, this leash might be a good option for you since it’s the longest one we’ve looked at so far at a whopping 7 feet!

That means your dog has some added freedom to roam and explore, while you still have the ability to reign him or her in at any time thanks to the second handle located closer to the collar.

Toss in the other features we looked at like the D-ring and reflective strips, and you have a compelling all-around option.


  • Thick and wide, giving it a solid heft
  • Latch is quite stiff and strong


  • Still not perfectly secure, since the material used isn’t as durable as something like leather

Customer feedback

Another leash with an outstanding 5 out of 5 stars rating.This leash has proven to be a fantastic product for owners of heavy dogs that love to pull forward on their morning runs.

The thicker construction helps this model hold up well to the daily abuse, and the soft padded handles help owners make their way through the day without any cuts or blisters.

Like most synthetic leashes though, if your dog absolutely wants to escape, he probably can so it shouldn’t be considered as indestructible.

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GOMA Industries Heavy Duty and Reflective Dog Leash with Ergonomic Grip

We heard your complaints. You want something that won’t break, while still not hitting that leather price point. That’s why we delivered to you GOMA’s Canineline.

It’s still made of nylon like the others, but it’s much thicker and rests in a braided weave which absorbs the force of your dog as well as the others while still being difficult to chew through.

The company goes so far to state that this leash can withstand dogs over 300 pounds, and while we don’t necessarily want to try going that far, we can say that it does perfectly well for even large dogs.


  • Braided weave stays strong against chewing
  • Included training eBook adds some nice added value


  • Handle is not as strong as the rest of the leash, so take care to keep it away from your dog

Customer feedback

This dog leash earned an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars rating. The majority of customers really appreciate the entire package of features that this leash offers them. The choice of size adds some flexibility into their walks when both are purchased.

The thick weave is cited as being essentially tangle-free which means retrieving it each day from the closet is a frustration-free experience.

Some owners are concerned that the handle is much weaker than the rest of the leash, but aside from chewing and faulty individual items, it should still last many years of regular use.

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LEATHERBERG Leather Training Leash

Our final entry is also the most expensive, and with good reason. We finally have a leather contender for you to consider, which, while not cruelty-free, is much more durable and reliable than other materials.

The leash is still covered in nylon which will quickly fall apart if your dog shows any interest in tasting it, but the actual leather components are the most teeth-resistant we’ve come across so far.

This means if you have a dog who loves to take out their anger on their leashes, then this one might be the right one for you.


  • Leather is supple and reliable
  • It stretches slightly when pulled, meaning your dog is never choked


  • Most expensive option on this list
  • Nylon covering is useless and can be easily swallowed if you’re not careful

Customer feedback

For owners who are desperately seeking an item to solve their issues with chewed up leashes, LEATHERBERG’s product has delivered in full; earning a robust 4.8 out of 5 stars rating.

Most reviewers praise its durability and effectiveness against dogs that are almost 200 pounds which is a testament to the tensile strength of its construction.

It is also well served as a gift since it looks, feels, and smells premium, and even comes delivered in a classy little box. As always, however, your mileage may vary since a few dogs have managed to weather the leash down over time allowing them to finally snap it in two.

Keep it out of reach when not in use though, and you’ll be fine.

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Time for a walk (on a leash!)

Taking an all important walk with your dog can be either the most fun or the most frustrating part of your day. Unfortunately, the tool that often decides which of the two you experience is the leash.

We believe it should always be fun for the both of you, so we grabbed five of the strongest, most comfortable leashes around to bring the joy back to your dog’s daily exercise.

Pick one out from the above selection and have some fun! Just be sure to put it away and not let your dog chew it when you get back home.