It’s very important to keep your dogs fur in tip-top condition – from bathing them regularly to prevent allergies popping up in you as the owner and your guests, as well as keeping their hair clipped short.

Benefits of giving your dog a haircut

In the case of dogs with long hair, getting it clipped regularly can prevent it from getting tangled and matted, which helps in keeping their skin clean and healthy.

Keeping it short will also maintain a silky shine in their coat, since the natural oils are distributed more evenly.

Rather than take them to the groomer each time they need a cut though, it’s far more economical in the long run to simply do it yourself. In this article, we’ll be taking a brief look at five great clippers that are specially made to tackle thick and heavy dog fur.

Tips on how to groom your dog properly

  • Wash and brush your dog before clipping.
    • This gets rid of tangles and clumps which makes cutting difficult and painful.
  • Groom your dog in a quiet and peaceful environment.
    • Loud and noisy places will make your dog nervous and jumpy.
  • By keeping your clippers sharp you won’t pull his hair.
    • The sharper the blades, the less likely you’ll be to tug at your dog’s fur, causing discomfort.
  • Cut slowly.
    • Setting the clipper too fast will leave unsightly lines in his fur.

A few more hints…

  • Clip in the right direction.
  • Work in an ordered direction – start at the neck and shave towards the back leg, and repeat.
  • Make sure the clipper does not become too hot. You can do this by spraying coolant or lubricant on the clipper, switching to another clipper if you have a spare, or switching out the blades for cooler ones.
  • Start trimming your puppy while he’s young so that he can become accustomed to the procedure.

How do I choose the right clippers?

With so many products on the market, it can be pretty daunting when trying to purchase just the right clipper for your specific needs. There are quite a few different qualities that need to be taken into consideration, like cordless vs. corded, bulk trimming, value for money, finishing, versatility, etc.

We’ve taken the confusion out of the situation for you by compiling this list of the most varied and economic professional dog clippers available. All you now need to do is find the one that best suits your pups needs, and you’re well on your way to a freshly styled pooch.

Five of the best dog clippers around

Alright, now that you’ve got the gist of it and your motivation is in tact, let’s look at some product to get your properly equipped for the task at hand.

Ahead you’ll find five of the most popular and highly rated clippers for dogs out there. Take a look and see which one appeals to your tastes.

Andis | UltraEdge AGC2 Professional Dog Grooming Clippers
Andis | UltraEdge AGC2 Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

Do a quick search and you’ll soon see that Andis is one of the premier names in dog grooming accessories. Their UltraEdge, while not cordless, is versatile enough to maneuver around even the biggest dog, and its edge is hard on fur but soft on the skin, ensuring that you’ll rarely nick the skin of your pet. It’s also incredibly easy to clean, which is great for heavy-duty jobs.

Pros & Cons
  • Not cordless, so no worries about battery life

  • The cord is quite thick, so dogs shouldn’t be able to cause damage if they nibble at it during grooming

  • Doesn’t have great versatility in hair length options

  • Can run a little hot at higher speeds

Customers Feedback

This product earned a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and groomers and owners alike love the sheer cutting power of the Andis UltraEdge. Sporting higher RPM’s than most consumer-grade equipment, these clippers make quick work of even thick, matted coats.

Many owners state that they’re much safer than scissors and can do some pretty fine detailing as well. However, there are some reports that the blades begin to run hot when used at the higher speed settings. This only occurs during extended use though, so for short sessions, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Oster | Turbo A5 Dog Grooming Clippers
Oster | Turbo A5 Dog Grooming Clippers

For first-time buyers, it might be worth getting a package that includes everything you need right out of the box. This offering by Oster not only contains a great groomer but also comes with grease, brushes and extras to make cleaning a breeze.

It’s also a solid option for stylish pets since the brand has tons of compatible combs to adjust the length of the coat for different seasons and fashion trends. The ventilation slots to keep the clippers cool is an appreciated touch as well.

Pros & Cons
  • Versatile for different breeds thanks to the combs and blade sizes

  • Runs cooler than other clippers

  • Expensive

Customers Feedback

Customers are quite pleased with the quality of these shavers overall and it earned a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. When they receive a functioning unit, they note that it’s powerful, not too loud, and cuts exceptionally efficiently which is ideal for dogs who don’t enjoy the experience.

While it still gets warm to the touch, it’s not quite as hot as the Andis thanks to the ventilation holes, which makes them more comfortable to use for more extended periods of time. There are some concerns about durability, however, since while the clippers are powerful, the motor can sometimes wreak havoc on the blades, making them potentially dangerous to use.

Wahl | Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers
Wahl | Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

Chances are you or someone you know has Wahl clippers somewhere in their home. The popular, value-oriented company tackles canine hygiene at a great price with this cordless model, the first of its type on our list.

This clipper is quiet and does a pretty good job on short coats but struggles as the hairs get longer. This is because the motor simply isn’t as powerful as the professional grade gear we just looked at, and it only gets worse as the battery starts to die.

Still, it’s a good option for small to medium sized dogs as long as you don’t expect it to last a lifetime.

Pros & Cons
  • Made in the USA

  • Accessible in most stores

  • Affordable

  • Compatible with USA outlets only

  • Motor is not very powerful

Customers Feedback

For small dogs and cats, reviewers rate these clippers quite favorably in getting the job done quickly, quietly, and effectively. It earned a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars and users noted that it’s almost impossible to nick your pet and that the battery lasts a respectable amount of time before needing to be recharged.

Performance does degrade with bigger dogs though, unless you take an extremely long time to do a thorough, careful job. It also has trouble with tangled fur, which means you’ll be better off in giving your dog a bath and comb first.

PetTech | Professional Dog Grooming Kit
PetTech | Professional Dog Grooming Kit

We’ve yet to see a genuinely perfect solution, but PetTech certainly comes quite close. It’s still a consumer grade product that’s weaker than the Andis or Oster, but it has a lot of things going for it!

It comes with many comb attachments, is impressively low-priced, and carries a lifetime warranty. That’s incredible at this price-point and makes it so that this kit is an excellent option for someone looking to dabble in dog grooming for the first time.

Pros & Cons
  • Quiet even at high speeds

  • Lifetime replacement guarantee makes purchasing essentially risk-free

  • A weak motor which has trouble with thick hair

Customers Feedback

With the proper preparation beforehand, owners appreciate the PetTech clippers and it earned a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you’re willing to wash your dog and comb their fur before each session, then the value that’s on offer here is difficult to beat.

Its quiet operation and weak vibration mean even nervous dogs won’t be scared when you click on the power button, which helps make grooming a pleasant experience for both of you. Some reviewers note that it’s easy to gunk up the blades though, so you need to remember to oil it between uses.

Razoo | Dog Grooming Clipper
Razoo | Dog Grooming Clipper

For the most affordable option on this list, Razoo comes through with an all-inclusive kit that includes scissors, heads and a comb for a hassle-free cutting process.

The battery isn’t great and can’t hold a charge for much longer than an hour or so, but that hour of use can be quite versatile thanks to its variable length and speed settings. Subjectively, it’s also the best-looking groomer on this list if that influences your decision at all.

Pros & Cons
  • Extremely affordable

  • Stays cool even during continuous operation

  • Blades tend to dull over time

Customers Feedback

Reviewers love the value on offer with this package and rated it with 4.2 out of 5 stars. While there are compromises since it takes longer to charge than other cordless models, and the battery doesn’t last as long, the actual cuts are far superior to competitors in this price range.

The blades rake through even tangled hair quite easily, which means that the limited charge isn’t wasted on combing and brushing your pet. There are complaints that the clippers are quick to break, but it does come with a one-year warranty if you have bad luck with your unit.

Final say on dog clippers

Grooming is an absolute must for all pets, but unfortunately, many dogs don’t enjoy their trips to the groomers. You can cut out a lot of unnecessary anxiety by cutting their hair yourself.

All you need is a good set of clippers, and we looked at five great options right here on this list. Whether you’re a newcomer or a professional looking for replacement gear, we have something to suit you, so take a look and give one of them a try!