The case for dog boots

We all love our dogs! But do we think about their paws and paw health often enough? Additionally, are we protecting our furry best friend’s paws with the right protection during the hot summer months or cold snowy days?

The canine paw has specialized structures that contribute to movement over the many different terrains and surfaces that they travel on every day. The bottom of a dog’s paw has thick, resilient pads that after many years of use become callused, just like humans.

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What do they protect?

Pads protect the paw, and provide a dog with a secure grip when walking, or running. They also protect your dogs from lawn chemicals, and foreign objects that could cut their paws.

A dog’s toenails also ensures traction when running. After exercising with your furry best friend, it’s best to check her foot pads most especially during summer and winter when she’ll be most prone to incur foot pad injuries.

Reviewing the best dog boots

That said, finding the best dog boot will keep all canine paws healthy and protected! You’ll need to look for:

  • comfort
  • durability
  • a good fit
  • . . . and a non-slip exterior with ventilation.

Keep in mind that measuring your dog’s paws is essential to finding the perfect dog boot! After reviewing dozens of pairs of dog boots, here’s what we came up with:

My Busy Dog – Water Resistant Dog Shoes


The Busy Dog water resistant gog shoes allows pet parents to enjoy snow sporting activities with their furry best friends. These durable ruff-up water-resistant canine shoes protect dog’s paws through rough terrain from extreme temperatures.

The dog boots are easy to use, and help protect your dog’s paws from possible sharp objects in the ocean, rivers or sandbanks. They’re also good for super-hot asphalt pavements, and ice cold damp terrain.

Offering an anti-slip sole which is key to stability and traction, these dog boots have closure for easier use. Options are two pairs or one. These are available in 4 colors. The water-resistant dog boots will also protect your furniture and floors from mud, if you remove these boots before going back inside.


  • Water resistant
  • Durable
  • Good fit
  • Great for large and active dogs
  • Suitable for all surfaces with rugged anti-slip sole
  • Lined with smooth, soft fabric
  • Largest size a good fit for large breeds
  • Protect paws from pointy and sharp objects
  • Reasonably priced


  • Must check fit to ensure correct fit

Customers feedback

This has earned a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars rating. Customers liked this product for snow, hot pavements, and sandburs. Pet parents found that these dog boots allowed them to take long walks in the snow without salt or snow irritation. Overall positive reviews! Pet parents raved about this endurable dog boot!

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Hiado Dog Boots with Anti Slip Rubber Sole


The Hiado Dog Boot for small dogs is 1.9 inches long with a width of 1.7 inches. That said, a dog’s paw has to be slightly smaller than the dog shoe size for a comfortable and secure fit. Hiado is for small dog breeds. It offers an anti-slip rubber sole to protect paws from extreme heat and cold.

The Hiado dog boot for small dogs yields enough traction to protect your furry best friend from slipping. Pet parents can walk their dogs in the snow. The waterproof vamp will keep Fido’s paws dry and protected from all the elements. Easy-to-fasten with Velcro straps, and stays on snugly. This is a lightweight dog boot made especially for the small dog breed.


  • Good fit for small dogs
  • Reasonably priced
  • Traction on sole
  • Waterproof with ventilation
  • Bright yellow color easy-to-see in the snow
  • Velcro straps


  • Velcro straps may be long on some dogs

Customers feedback

This has earned a robust 4.0 out of 5 stars rating. Customers liked the thick rubber tread. They were positive about the way this dog boot fit snugly on their small dogs. Pet parents also liked the bright yellow color that was easy to see in the snow. Overall customers loved this product!

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Bark Brite – All Weather Neoprene Dog Boots


The Bark Brite all weather neoprene dog boots are waterproof, and puncture resistant. They are perfect for the active dog that enjoys hiking, running and sledding. With a perfect paw fit, these high-quality neoprene dog shoes allow dogs to perform outdoor activities in rough terrain during all weather conditions.

They help protect against slipping and wet weather conditions, and have two reflective Velcro straps for easy use. They are also lined with comfortable protective material for temperature control.


  • Outer sole has high grip and is super protective
  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Construction and stitching very durable
  • Available in 5 sizes offering small to XXL


  • May not protect against sharp objects
  • Sizes are measured on exact paw length
  • Neoprene material does not protect against sharp objects

Customers feedback

This has earned an impressive 4.1 out of 5 stars rating. Customers liked the thinner more flexible sole. They also liked the grippy feel of the dog boots, and that the Velcro straps fit perfectly. Pet parents enjoyed this product, and reviews were overall positive.

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Xanday – Breathable Dog Boots


The Xanday Breathable dog boots are breathable, and have reflective and adjustable straps. With a comfortable fit, easily washable fabric, these dog boots are easy-to-use. They are waterproof, and soft. The dog boots have breathable material that ensures ventilation within the boot. They are well manufactured, and fashionable. This dog boot is available in 5 sizes, and uses high-quality fabrics.


  • Easy Cleaning
  • Velcro straps with reflectors
  • Rubber, anti-slip sole
  • Comfortable fit
  • Ventilation within boot
  • Waterproof paw protection
  • Reasonably priced


  • Could have more colors
  • Not for use during ice fishing

Customers feedback

This has garnered a solid 4.1 out of 5 stars rating. Customers liked the well-constructed dog boot. They also liked the sturdy feel of the dog boots, and the fact that the dog boot was made from breathable material. Another plus was the easy-to-clean factor! Positive reviews!

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Ultra-Paws Rugged Dog Boots


The Ultra-Paws rugged dog boots is made from extremely tough and durable denier nylon material. It is a water resistant dog boot, that is outstanding in both wet and dry terrain.

The tire sole is well adapted for all terrains. This boot is good for wet, and dry conditions. They are easy-to-use with Velcro straps, and of water resistant quality. Ultra-Paws dog boots are available in many different sizes, and fit all dog breeds comfortably.


  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Breathable nylon material
  • Extra sole protection
  • 4 sizes
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not waterproof
  • Not enough colors

Customers Feedback

This has earned a good 3.8 out of 5 stars rating. Generally positive reviews! Customers loved the durability, and the fact that these boots lasted a while. Also great reviews on how these boots held up in snow and ice!

Pet parents also complimented the foam brace beneath each Velcro strap. Good reviews overall! That said, a few complaints about not being high enough when walking through snow.

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Ruff Wear – Polar Trex Boots for Dogs


The Ruff Wear Polar Trex Boots for Dogs is manufactured with Vibram on the outsole. Polar Trex offers reflective accents on the dog boots for safety and visibility.. It is winter specific in that it provides optimal traction on snowy and icy terrain. It has a hook and loop closure system making the boot snug and secure. The innovative pullover stretch keeps all snow out of the boot, keeping Fido’s paws warm and dry.


  • Flexible, redesigned fasteners
  • Good for outdoor activities
  • Vibram soles
  • Pullover stretch fabric that protects from snow entering boot
  • Great protection for mountainous conditions with jagged rock
  • Breathable, water resistant with reflective trim for protection, and easy visibility.


  • Pricey

Customers Feedback

These high-end dog boots have earned a spectacular 5 out of 5 stars rating. Some customers complained however about the boots falling off, and recommended purchasing two pairs to alternate because drying time for boots was long. Pet parents enjoyed the perfect sole for traction, and overall declared these one of the best dog shoes they’ve come across.

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These boots were made for walkin’

So that’s just what they’ll do. . .

Ok, on a serious note, we hope you’ve learned the importance of protecting and caring for your dogs paws with some top notch dog boots. Turns out they’re not just a fad and that they actually do promote healthier paws.

What do you think? Have you tried any of the above? Let us know in the comment section below.