It can, therefore, be a bit hard for a dog owner to find the right kind of bowl to suit their dog’s needs, and the considerations will include cost, safety, style, durability, ease of use and ease of cleaning. The decision may take time and must be done correctly. But we’ve done most of the work for you!

The main types of dog food bowls out there

The truth is; a dog’s bowl is a very important part of your puppy’s overall nutritional health. Your dog will constantly drink and feed out of this bowl, so, picking the right one is of primary importance.

Plastic dog food bowls

These come in many different shapes and colors, and they are usually inexpensive. They will not break if dropped, but, they are generally not highly recommended for dogs because they can be scratched or chewed easily.

Additionally, some dogs have been known to develop allergic reactions to plastic, which may cause a skin reaction on the face or chin. Its advisable to find a better alternative.

Ceramic dog food bowls

These are a good way to express your style, and most of them have cute decorations with fun designs, made by artists. They have a protective glaze that makes it easy to clean them, and some are even dishwasher safe.

You should, however, note that, if dropped, they will easily break, and at times, even when handled properly, they may still crack or chip. They can then become unsafe for the dog. The small cracks may also harbor bacteria, so keep inspecting them regularly.

Stainless steel dog food bowls

These are the most durable, and very easy to clean. Some of them are made with a non-skid rim at the bottom, which prevents food from spilling. They do not come in a variety of colors, but, they are practical, inexpensive and they will stand the test of time.

Take good care of these bowls because they can rust or develop stains if left outdoors, and dogs that love to chew may destroy the bowls and their teeth in the process as well.

Elevated dog bowls

These are basically, two stainless steel, plastic or ceramic bowls on a stand. According to the experts, they believe that elevated feedings are the best for dogs because they will help prevent gastrointestinal problems.

These are also the most comfortable if you have large or giant dog breeds. If your dog paws at the bowl, consider placing it near a wall, to avoid tipping over. Some may even come with some compartments for food storage, which can be both good and bad, depending on your dog.

Others include

  • Automatic bowls: configured with a programmable reservoir.
  • Travel dog bowls: these are ideal for use during a car ride.
  • Silicone dog bowls: made of silicone; nontoxic, nonstick, and rubber-like.

Top five dog bowls you can buy

Your dog deserves the best quality at the best price. Below you’ll find five different types of bowls, each ruling it’s own domain when it comes to dog food bowl categories/types. Check ’em out.


These are a set of two dog bowls, each is 26.46 ounzes in capacity, and they work as a full dinner set which will include water and food for one. It is perfect for pets that are 70lbs or lighter.

It has a non-flip and non-skid silicone stand at the bottom that keeps the bowl from skidding on the floor while the dog is eating, and this also helps it from sliding all over the floor as the dog is eating her food, which may cause quite a mess.

Silicone mat: It has a base which is extra large and made of silicone. This is ideal for catching any spills so they do not get to the floor and you house remains clean all the time. The bowls are made of a high-quality stainless-steel material that is very long lasting.


  • The two bowls make feeding easy, as the dog can drink and eat at the same time.
  • It is made of a high-quality stainless-steel material that is durable and rust-free.
  • The silicone base makes sure your floors are always clean.
  • They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


  • The bowls do not hold too much food.
  • Not recommended for medium to large dogs.

Customers feedback

The bowls have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, and most of the customers were extremely pleased with the double bowl design, plus the fact that their dogs could be able to feed and drink water at the same time.

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The Healthy Pet dog bowl from PetSafe is a gravity feeder that allows you to feed your pet at all times, day or night. It holds 2lbs of either dog or cat food. This must be dry food, however.

It is made of a stainless steel material that is very strong and does not rust. The construction is sturdy enough, plus it is durable, and the plastic is BPA-free. It locks perfectly in place, and cannot be knocked over easily nor will it spill the food easily.

It is very non-burdensome to clean. The parts can be disassembled and put in a dishwasher or just cleaned with water and some soap. The PetSafe company has been in operation for a long time, so they provide you with the ease of mind that you’re getting the best, market tested standards, in their products.


  • It is made of a good material that is long-lasting.
  • It is very beautiful looking due to the design.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It ensures there are no spills as your pet feeds.
  • When you place it on the floor, it locks in place and does not move around.


  • The base is very big and may scare some pets.

Customer’s feedback

This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from most of the customers who used it and stated that it was very easy to use, plus the stainless-steel part did not rust, even when cleaned with water. The fact that it was dishwasher safe was yet another good point to note.

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Features encompassed by this quality food bowl for your pup.

Full set: This comes with a set of 2 medium sized bowls that have a 6 diameter x 2 inch heights which can easily be used by large pets. They are FDA compliant.

Material: They’re made of a strong durable material that is easy to clean. The bowl is made of porcelain ceramic and it also has a silicone ring that keeps the bowl from sliding on the floor. It also keeps the bowl upright.

Design: The design is a beautiful lattice one that will make your puppy happy as she feeds. It has some fun prints on the surface. It is also a stylish and simple device that will enhance the décor in your home at all times.


  • It is very beautiful and your dog will certainly enjoy feeding on it.
  • It is made of very strong materials that are durable and should last a while.
  • It does not slip or move around as the dog feeds.
  • It keeps your floor very clean as it prevents spills.


  • If not taken well care of, the ring may come off.

Customers feedback

These bowls have a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars, and the rubber ring was a big winner for most customers, who commended it for not moving around as the dog feeds, plus it also allowed the users to concentrate on other things as they knew their pet was safe.

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This is an eco-friendly, long-lasting, non-chocking and healthy bowl design that is ideal for slowing down your super-charged fast-eating dog’s pace.

It is made of high-strength ABS materials which are very safe for your dog, plus it is 100% recyclable. The size of the bowl is 18 cm with a 1.7 inch in depth. It is a great diet bowl if your dog eats too much and needs to be monitored.

The design makes the food go further into the bowl, which means the dog has to keep digging into the bowl for the food. The dog, therefore, will always feel full with just a small amount of food, as they think they have eaten a lot.

Unlike most other bowls, you can use this bowl for both dry and wet foods. It is also a great solution for dogs that eat and drink too much. It also prevents indigestion, vomiting, and stomach problems in dogs and other pets.

It is easy to clean as the top rack is removable and dishwasher safe.


  • It will help control your dog from overeating.
  • It is great when trying to help your dog lose weight.
  • You can use this bowl when you need to limit the dog from drinking too much water.
  • It is safe for the dog.
  • It is made of a great and high-quality material that is eco-friendly and long-lasting.


  • They are mostly made of plastic, but you can find some made of stainless-steel.

Customers feedback

This bowl has a solid rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, and most customers were impressed with the fact that it was able to slow down their dogs when it came to eating. Also, they were able to control the quantities of food their dogs ate, which helped in eliminating the possibility of them becoming overweight. Highly recommended.

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BEST LUXURY BOWL – Creation Core

The Solid Bamboo dog food bowl from Creation Core is an ideal feeding bowl for smaller pets. It comes with three ceramic bowls on a raised stand, which allows the dog to maintain a healthy posture while feeding. This may in turn help with their digestion, and also improves their digestive system.

No mess: The raised bowls keep food off the floor, which helps prevent moisture from building under the bowl and causing the spread of bacteria that may be harmful to the dogs. The bowls are also removable, which helps you to re-fill them with food and return them to the stand. You need not move the entire stand all the time.

The design: This is beautiful and eye-catching, and with natural light, the wood is very beautiful and will enhance the décor of any home. The matching paw designs of the feeder will make it playful and fun for the puppies as they feed.


  • It is made of a sturdy bamboo material that is durable.
  • It is also anti-slip and does not move around as the dogs feed.
  • It is also non-spill and ensures no spills get to the floor, keeping your house nice and clean.
  • It has a beautiful design that is attractive to look at, and fun for the dogs as well.


  • It is ideal for small pets only.

Customers feedback

Most of the customers who used this product were very happy and gave it a high rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. The design, the elongation of the feeding bowl, and even the size of the bowls was a big plus to most of them, and they were impressed that their puppies could enjoy the fun colors as they fed.

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A good feeding bowl is not just about putting the food for the dog to eat, it should also help them eat in a seamless manner. With some having unique designs and shapes the dogs may be even more attracted to that, which could lead to an increase in appetite; and you may find a dog that normally never eats, actually eating.

So, when looking for the best dog feeding bowl, choose one of the above that should put the need for a new one in the near future out of the equation; all else being equal.