The problem

Is your new puppy’s barking getting you down? Or maybe it’s a neighbor’s dog that you don’t have the right to train and discipline? Trying to go to sleep at night to a dog barking uncontrollably is probably one of the worst feelings in the world; especially if it’s a Sunday and you’ve got a long week to start the next day.

Can’t really blame it on the dog, they bark, it’s just what they do (well most of them anyway). It’s their way of communicating, whether they want to play, are trying to warn of what they deem is looming danger, out of fear, to discipline their puppies, or for who knows what else.

Problem barking may be categorized into one of the following:

  • genetics
  • physical need
  • emotional need
  • environment

That’s all nice to know, but if only there was a way to stop it and reclaim the silence.

The solution

Well luckily for you there’s a whole host of dog silencers out there to help deal with the noisy problem that so many owners are familiar with. If everything else you’ve tried failed, behavioral training wise.

Unlike electric collars which are becoming increasingly illegal in some places dog barking silencers are safe and pain-free ways to curb unwanted noise. They do so by emitting high-pitched frequencies that are mostly inaudible to humans each time your dog barks. Some models work whether you’re home or away, making them the perfect supplement to a training regimen.

Reviewing dog silencer options

In this article, we’ll be looking at five of the best options available for both you and your pet to give you a better idea of each before you take the plunge and buy. Let’s get right to it then . . . listed below are the top choices out in the market.

Doggie Don’t Handheld Dog Silencer

“Doggie Don’t Handheld Dog Silencer”

First up is this “hand”-y little tool from Doggie Don’t, the company that created their entire reputation based on this product. They took the concept of a dog whistle and brought it into your hands in a more efficient, easy to use package.

Instead of sensing the barks itself, owners have to manually press the button to emit the frequency. This means you can’t leave it home alone and expect it to work, but it does have the added benefit of portability which is a huge plus for all those times when you’re out for a walk.


  • Handheld
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • The range covers most properties, meaning you can use it from a seated position anywhere in your home


  • Expensive

Customer feedback

Earns a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating. Frustrated owners around the world are enamored with this tool that has solved the problem of noisy dogs for most respondents. Many among them claim that when following the instructions properly, only two or three uses of the device were necessary before transitioning them entirely to voice commands.

However, there are a few customers that complain about the noise since the device isn’t ultrasonic, and that if overused as a training tool the dog will simply begin to ignore it.

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DOPA Mini Bark Control Device

“DOPA Mini Bark Control Device”

For something closer to home that keeps your hands free, the DOPA bark control device is a great, affordable way to experiment with correcting your dog’s behavior. Its thick plastic construction means it can withstand the elements when hung outside, which is a handy little feature since it’s easy to mount to any wall or vertical surface.

Its maximum range is 50 feet which might be short for some, but a few of these placed strategically will do a good job filling any gaps in coverage.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Sleek design can fit anywhere in the home


  • Operates on non-included 9-Volt batteries, which can get expensive over time
  • Can’t control when to use the sound, so it can lose effectiveness over time

Customer feedback

Earns a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating. Customers overall are quite pleased with the success rate of DOPA’s anti-barking product. Upon first use, it instantly captivates the attention of most dogs, and within a few days, they quickly begin to associate their barking with the sound.

Customers also appreciate the waterproof features, which keeps in working order even in rough, wet conditions. However, some complain that the green LED light is too bright for indoor use, which makes it not ideal for bedrooms or offices.

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BossBee Ultrasonic Barking Deterrent

“BossBee Ultrasonic Barking Deterrent”

Another handheld product that works similarly to the Doggie Don’t, this BossBee device has quite a few aspects that differentiate it from the competition.

Instead of lithium-ion batteries, it’s instead powered by 4 AAA batteries, which, while excessive, does give you some flexibility when they die since you can simply swap them out. Since lithium-ion batteries degrade over time, this feature will also help give the BossBee some longevity to help add some value to your purchase.


  • Cheaper than the Doggie Don’t
  • Works well even with hearing-impaired dogs


  • With an effective range of only 15 feet, it doesn’t work well for indoor use

Customer feedback

Earned a 4 out of 5 stars rating. Despite its limitations, customers really appreciate the overall effectiveness of the package on offer here. For walks or play sessions in the backyard or park, this device works excellently since the owner can rapidly respond to any unwanted barking.

However, for most other purposes it falls flat since the button needs to be pressed quickly to have the dog associate the barking with the ultrasonic frequency. This means owners have to quickly rush to the room with their dog due to the limited range, which is often too late for effective training.

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Zelers Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control

“Zelers Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Control”

Our final option is a style that’s reminiscent of the DOPA device and shares much of its same functionality. You still need to have a 9-Volt battery on hand, and you still get the same three range presets.

On the slightly more negative side of things though, the maximum range varies between 25 and 50 feet and is never consistently stable, and the unlike the DOPA it won’t survive extended time in the rain. This is because the electronic compartments are not sealed from the elements, which means using this indoors is essentially preferred; though it is durable and marketed as waterproof.


  • Truly ultrasonic
  • The battery can last over half a year of constant use


  • Range fluctuates
  • Not weatherproof

Customer feedback

Earned a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. For customers looking to buy something to place in their homes, the Zelers has turned out to be a fantastic option since it’s effective, quiet (for humans!), and lasts an extremely long time on a single battery.

However, because of the inconsistent frequency ranges and the sound that owners can’t hear, it’s a common complaint that they can’t tell at first whether the product is working as intended or not.

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First Alert Bark Genie

“First Alert Bark Genie”

Most of you will have noticed by now that most options come with compromises one way or another. However, in an attempt to solve these issues, First Alert delivers their Bark Genie in both handheld and standalone variants that work well together to give you all the flexibility with none of the fuss.

This handheld option works up to fifteen feet away with a handy LED indicator that tells you whether it’s working or not, while their home unit detects barking up to 50 feet away. Whichever direction you choose to go in, you’ll appreciate having the option to expand the effectiveness of the product at home or on the go.


  • Versatile since you can choose between two variants
  • LED is extremely useful to test the functionality since humans can’t hear the sound


  • Need to use in conjunction with basic training concepts, or else their barking behavior will return

Customer feedback

Earned a 3.9 out of 5 stars rating. For most dog owners, the First Alert Bark Genie has been a godsend at solving the problem of incessant barking. It has been used and tested in kennels with over 40 dogs and worked well with each one, meaning that the sound it creates appeals to all breeds and ages of dogs.

When used consistently, even stubborn dogs begin to respond. However, because consistent use is required, it can be almost mandatory to buy both the handheld and standalone models so that the routine is reinforced when you’re not a home, which drives up the cost of purchase.

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The final bark

A dog silencer is one of those important tools that can work well for both owners and neighbors. Their ultrasonic frequencies work to teach any dog that barking will result in an unpleasant sound.

However, with models that come in outdoor, indoor, and handheld variants, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. Thankfully, in this article, we rounded up five of our favorite products and encourage you to check them out! Just remember when using them that consistency is key.