Now, whichever the season, dogs just love spending time outdoors. It would be a terrible experience for them if they did not have a way to protect themselves from the cold or miserable weather, and this is where you come in as a responsible owner. The ultimate gift will be giving your pup an insulated dog house that will protect her and provide her with the much-needed warmth.

Things to consider when buying

An insulated dog house is simply a dog house that has been reinforced with insulation panels on the walls, the roof and the doors, which assists in regulating the temperature within. In addition, this is a house that will provide comfort and warmth, especially during the winter.

A good option for a dog house is one that is made of wood, rather than plastic because wood has tiny air holes which provide heat retention. EPS foam or regular form are ideal materials for insulating the dog house.

Here are some factors that you should consider first.


There are many options to choose from, so, ensure to pick one that is stable, safe, sanitary, and will keep dry in rainy weather.


Choosing the right size is very important, as this will determine your dog’s comfort within the house. You may be tempted to select the biggest house, but that is not necessarily the right option, because it may be difficult to build up enough body heat in the large enclosure.

Dogs actually prefer a cozy place, where they can stand up, lay down and turn around freely. To determine the perfect size for your dog, measure one and half times of your dog’s height and two-thirds his length for the width of the structure.

Try making a cardboard cut out of the size you want to buy, so you can check if it shall fit your dog perfectly. This will save you the headache of having to return it if it turns out that the measurements were incorrect.


Placing the dog house in the correct spot is a vital decision. A kennel that is slightly elevated is ideal for the outdoors and will be safe from puddles and wet conditions. It will also prevent snow and rainwater from bothering your pooch as she is sleeping or just relaxing. You may also consider placing the dog house in a sheltered location that is far from harsh weather conditions such as high winds.


For cold weather conditions, this could be the most critical consideration. The kennel needs to be well insulated along the roof, walls, floor, and door, with the flooring being waterproof. The reason for an insulated enclosure is to provide warmth for your pooch during the cold season.

The choice of insulation material will depend on the cost and the durability of the kennel, so choose one that will be affordable and warm enough.

Insulated dog houses reviewed

As with most dog accessories, it’s important to look beyond your local pets store when deciding on the best outdoor home for your dog. You’ll also have to take all your pet’s circumstances into consideration when you’re not home to keep her safe and warm if the weather should take a turn for the worse.

With all the factors mentioned above kept in mind, we’ve taken some of the hassle out of deciding what house would best suit your pup; here are our five favorites.

Northland Pet Supply | Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House

![Climate Master Plus Insulated Dog House w Door - Extra Large]( =300x291)

This is an extra-large insulated dog house for owners that have giant dogs that weigh over 220 lbs. These are dogs such as; Alaskan Malamutes, most Great Pyrenees, large male Rottweilers, Saint Bernard’s, Bullmastiffs and other large dogs. The inside lamination has 1 inch of real foam that will ensure that your dog is warm enough and is ideal for any kind of weather.

Outside dimensions: 44 inches width x 47 inches depth x 49 inches height.

Inside dimensions: 36 inches width x 38 inches depth x 43 inches height.

Door size: 6 inches wide x 23 inches high.

Weight of house: 160 lbs.

Though initially designed for giant ones, it can however offer protection to all sizes, and sports a chalet style design. This shelter is considered one of the most advanced on the market today, and for this reason, this dog kennel is quite costly, but it does offer you value for your money!


  • Insulation on the floors, roof, and walls
  • Removable room for ease of cleaning
  • Vented roof for free air flow
  • Offset door


  • The cost is steep

Customer feedback

The customers who used this dog house gave it a rating of 5 out of 5 stars which is evidence that they were 100% satisfied with it. It was able to shield their dogs from the cold weather and also kept their dogs happy all day long. It comes highly recommended.

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Petmate Indigo | Insulated Dog Home with Microban

This dog house will offer protection to your dog all year round, with it’s heavy-duty construction that will provide insulation to your dog – both in the cold as well as hot weather. With an offset doorway and igloo shaped design, this dog house will offer protection from rain and strong winds. The ventilated roof of the igloo is designed to circulate fresh air all through the doghouse, which will keep your dog comfortable inside.

The size is spacious and should be enough for dogs of all sizes. It is however available in large, extra large and medium to suit your dog’s specific size. With security and comfort taken care of, your dog will want to spend most of her time in her own home.

Antimicrobial protection: The Microban Antimicrobial protection in the igloo is ideal for getting rid of bad odors and other bacteria that can harm the dog. It also prevents stains and stays clean for more extended periods of time as the dirt does not stick.

Raised flooring: The raised floor of the igloo will ensure that snow and rain do not interfere with your resting dog, plus, it drains off quick enough, leaving the house dry and your pet clean.

Easy assembly: Assembling the dog house after purchase is easy enough, as the easy-snap design is convenient and you won’t need any additional tools. For added comfort, you can decide to add a door or a pad which should raise the comfort level for your dog.


  • Tool-free construction
  • Easy to clean and keep clean
  • Insulated for warmth
  • Suitable for winter and summer use
  • Ideal for all sizes
  • Gets rid of odors and bacteria
  • Raised floors


  • Entrance a little small
  • The door is an additional purchase

Customers feedback

The rating on this igloo dog house is 4.5 out of 5 stars, with most of the customers being extremely happy with the dog house. One customer stated that it was the perfect addition to their backyard, and it fitted his puppy perfectly.

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Pets Fit | Outdoor Insulated Dog House

This dog house is reinforced with insulated materials and is ideal for dogs weighing over 80 pounds. Some versions of the dog house come with a porch area that is weatherproof and available in many different sizes.

The floor is removable while the roof is hinged, making it easy to clean and maintain. The roof is also slanted, which enables good drainage for rainwater. While also shielding your dog from harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow.

The roof and floor are raised, which in turn gives room for a moisture flap on the roof that comes in handy during the hot season, while the raised floor keeps the dog house clean and dry. The materials used to make the dog house are dried cedar treated with a natural color.


  • Insulated to keep warm
  • Raised roof and floor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Costlier than the other options

Customers feedback

Most customers who gave feedback were happy with their purchase. One customer was so excited by the porch that they claimed it was her daughter’s favorite place to stay with the dog. Whilst the raised roof helped their dogs stay happy and dry at all times. The product earned a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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Precision Pet Extreme | Log Cabin Dog House

This beautiful looking dog house is sealed with a protective coating that offers shelter against harsh weather conditions. The roof is raised and slanted, which provides excellent drainage against rain and other severe weather conditions. This should ensure that the doghouse is kept clean, dry and safe for your pet – no matter the season.

The materials used in its making are solid wood and stainless-steel hardware, which offers a durable sturdy structure. It also has adjustable feet, which makes it easier to place on any surface.

Available in many different sizes, this dog house can accommodate dogs of all sizes, whether small, medium or large breed. There is also a giant size for the extra-large dog breeds that may not fit in any other type of house.

The assembly process is quick and simple with the included 1-2-3 guide. The design is also beautiful and traditional looking, making it ideal for any backyard; while at the same time being easy to clean and maintain.


  • Sealed for protection
  • Raised and slanted roof
  • Solid materials and durable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy cleaning


  • Expensive
  • Huge dogs may pull it apart

Customers feedback

The customer feedback gave this product a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. They were happy with the design, its ability to keep their dogs warm during winter, but they were unhappy with the fact that most dogs were able to break it.

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ASL Solutions | Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace

![ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater]( =300x273)

This insulated dog house is an excellent choice for the extra cold months. It has 4 inches of real foam insulation material or Styro EPS that keeps the temperature in the doghouse at almost 30 degrees higher than outside.

The door is well-fitted and insulated, as opposed to a flap, while at the same time it’s still a pass-through and self-closing one. Your pooch will be safe and warm in the doghouse. The windows are well positioned for easy closing, and they do not require any tools to open.

The floor is sloped and has a drainage hole that keeps the air fresh within the dog house, plus this will ensure that it is clean and dry at all times. There is a heater cord on the exterior of the doghouse, which is correctly positioned to avoid any accidents to either owner or other pets in the backyard.


  • Floor heater
  • Has 4 inches of foam
  • Temperatures of 30 degrees and higher
  • Door is well-fitted
  • The floor is sloped with a drainage hole
  • Easy to clean


  • Costly compared to other options

Customers feedback

The customers who rated this dog house gave it an overall 4.2 out of 5 stars, and they were thrilled with their purchases. The majority of them praised the design and the fact that even in freezing weather temperatures, their dogs were always happy and warm. They recommended this dog house for anyone who lives in icy areas.

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Final say on insulated dog homes

As a pet owner, what gives you joy is to see your precious pooch happy. This is why you’d move heaven and earth to make sure she is comfortable and safe. An insulated dog house is one of the ways that you can show love to your pet.

In addition to the dog house, ensure you include some blankets and other types of bedding that will keep her nice and warm when the snow swirls around his chimney. Hope this helped!