The problem: No fence, dog wants to roam

Your dog would love it if he could roam outside at all hours of the day, but you might not want to be the one taking them out each time the mood strikes. When it comes to having energy to spare, dogs are probably at the top of that list (at least we think so!)

There are days when your dog just won’t calm down, when they just need to aimlessly and endlessly run the energy off! But they can’t do it within the constraints of an apartment or house.

The solution: Invisible pet fence systems

Doggie doors are great solutions to this problem since they give your pet ease of access in and out of the yard, but they still need to be complemented with a way to keep them from going too far.

Unfortunately, property fences are expensive, time-consuming to put up, and can really ruin the view, so for most people, they’re out of the question.

So where do you turn?

Thankfully, there are a variety of invisible fence systems for dogs that work by giving out vibrations or minor, non-harmful shocks through your dog’s collar to keep them within a designated boundary.

It’s an elegant solution that keeps the beauty of your yard intact, and this article will run you through a few of our favorite models.

Invisible dog fences reviewed

Now that you know your problem has a solution, take a look at these five invisible dog fences we’ve researched and put together for you in the interest of time.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment Fence

Model: PIF-300’

PetSafe is a popular brand that makes a variety of pet accessories, so it only makes sense that they feature prominently on this list. Their weatherproof system is ideal for most climates, and their collar has a variety of intensity settings that range from minor tones to static shocks.

This means that if you want to, you can safely avoid electric shocks completely while still reaping the benefits of the wireless set-up. There are no stakes, no harm, and no fuss.


  • Truly wireless design
  • Has warning tones to let owners know if their dog is approaching property limits
  • Easy to set up


  • Need to keep an eye on the battery to ensure it doesn’t stop working unexpectedly

Customer feedback

The plug and play nature of this system is what draws so many to this product, but it’s the results that keep them there. The collar fits all but the smallest dogs which means it works regardless of breed, and the variety of settings means it can be entirely cruelty-free if you wish.

Just keep in mind that some reviewers have noted that the boundary interacts strangely with cars by occasionally delivering random shocks to your dog, so you do need to keep an eye on where you park. Overall, this invisible fence for dogs has earned an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

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PetSafe Stay + Play Invisible Dog Fence

Model: PIF00-12917

If you have a larger property, you need a stronger device. This second model by PetSafe is more expensive than the first but features a few improvements. Notably, you can add more collars for more pets, and these collars aren’t as restricted by the size of your dog.

Anything over five pounds can comfortably wear the collar which we’re sure is music to the ears of owners of bite-sized pups.


  • Large range
  • Portable


  • Need to test the boundaries for potential dead zones before use

Customer feedback

Reviewers with tons of property love the range and versatility of this model. The ability to add additional collars means all dogs can enjoy the great outdoors regardless of their size or age. Renters, in particular, love the small form factor since they can easily take it with them each time they move.

Just note that if the model is defective, there can be spots in the boundary that don’t function as intended, so it’s critical that you test the system before letting your dog explore to avoid any potential escapes. This model has earned a solid 4.0 out of 5 stars rating overall.

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Mockins Wireless Dog Fence System

If you don’t want to worry about intensity settings and prefer to set it and forget it, then this kit by mockins has everything you need. It comes with a wireless transmitter, collar, and some boundary flags to act as visual indicators for your pup.

These are extremely useful training tools, as, unlike the PetSafe model this system handles shocks all on its own. This means each time your dog disobeys the boundary the jolts become increasingly more powerful.

It’s useful and takes a load off your mind but requires a bit more training to get started since your dog might not know why he’s being punished at first.


  • Extremely effective once your dog understands how it works
  • Automatically shuts off after a certain time to avoid hurting your pets


  • Shock settings can sometimes not work as intended (administering the wrong intensity)
  • Difficult to set up

Customer feedback

Feedback for this model is more divisive than the first two we looked at but is still viewed positively overall. For owners who took the time to properly train their pets, the collar and receiver worked as intended and do a good job keeping dogs within their property.

However, there are many reports that the collar occasionally delivers shocks at random which can frustrate and upset your dog. To avoid this, try testing it over the course of a week before putting it on your canine companion, and send it back for a replacement if you experience the problem. A decent 3.5 out of 5 stars rating.

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FunAce – 100% Wireless Pet Fence

While it’s impractical for all but the largest of properties, this model by FunAce has quite a few things going for it if your property meets the minimum 120-foot diameter requirement. It works flawlessly in wet conditions, and like some of the other models we looked at, also supports multiple pets.

Most impressive, however, is the fact that the collar tries to avoid delivering shocks by warning your dog beforehand. With proper training and a knowledge of the boundaries of your property, your pet will never have to get shocked as he or she will learn to respond to the warning beeps.


  • Rechargeable batteries will save you money over time
  • Dog gets a warning beep before being shocked, saving him some discomfort if he acts quickly enough


  • Minimum boundary size is too large for most houses

Customer feedback

This model is appealing to customers as an introductory wireless fencing system since it’s affordable and comes with both a money-back guarantee and a warranty, making it essentially risk-free.

Once they learn to associate the shocks with the system, dogs start behaving quickly and avoid testing the perimeter that you set up. However, there are some concerning reports brought up by some dissatisfied consumers that the model is quick to fail.

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Looking for a wired invisible dog fence?

Here’s a great option for you to consider.

Pet Control HQ Wireless Combo – Underground Dog Fence System

Wireless transmitters are great, but if you’re looking for more customization then there’s no better option than this one by Pet Control HQ. While this does take more effort to set up since you need to manually install the underground wire, it has the added advantage of allowing you to create different shapes and sizes.

This means you can keep two dogs apart in smaller independent yards or combine them into one big playground. It’s entirely up to you. From there you can adjust the width of the boundary, plug her in, and let her rip.


  • Tons of flexibility in how you install it
  • Completely waterproof, allowing your dogs to swim or bathe with his or her collar on
  • The remote works independently across collars, allowing you to correct specific dogs


  • Takes a bit longer to set up

Customer feedback

Reviewers overall note that this system is a huge step up from cheaper models. There’s more control over the boundary, dogs respond more quickly, and the aversion is far more reliable when you’re the one that has access to the controls.

While the boundary system itself is hardwired, the collars and remote operate independently and need to be recharged regularly. This is one extra to think about every day, but if you make it a habit to plug them in every few nights, it’ll never become a problem. A robust 4.3 out of 5 stars rating.

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Time to let your dog out

If you want to give your pet the freedom of the outdoors without going to the expense of installing costly, ugly metal fences, then a wireless pet containment system might be the right tool for you.

Whether you prefer convenience or flexibility, the models we covered all do a great job keeping your pup safe and secure; and best of all these dog fences are invisible! Just spend a few days training them how to use it, and you’ll never have to worry about them getting out ever again.