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  • Whether you’ve just brought home the cutest puppy in the world, or whether you rescued an equally as adorable, down on her luck, doggo from the shelter. One thing is for sure when it comes to your joint future:

    Training your pup will make life so much easier!

  • Chilling research shows that in the US alone, over 6 million pets get killed on roads each year. It is therefore important to keep your pet safe and secure within your property.

    We went ahead and researched the methods to contain pets but let them roam free at the same time, these best electric dog fences we found are said to do the job as intended.

  • Dog food has a come a long way in the past ten or twenty years, but unless you’re feeding your dog raw food, chances are the kibble that they’re eating is stuffed with filler and refined oils to act as cheap sources of nutrients; rather than natural ones.
  • here’s nothing worse than seeing your dog itch and scratch continuously!

    A flea infestation is irritating and detrimental to your dog’s health – as well as your own if they should invade your home. Sometimes, there are flea and tick products that don’t work as effectively and some that have been deemed unsafe.

  • Is your dog getting a little stiff or tired from arthritis and/or the golden years?

    The best glucosamine for dogs can be a great way to slow the aging process down and improve mobility and range of motion.

    Let’s find out the how and why’s, shall we?

  • There’s finally a solution to help caring dog owners with fear and anxiety.

    We use the GPS in our phones to navigate our way around the cities all the time.

    The GPS dog tracker uses location services and works in a similar way; read on to find out the what, why, where, and how related to the top choices below.

  • As we slowly move into the cold season of winter, we tend to spend more and more time indoors to keep warm and pile on extra layers of clothing. Our precious little pooches can only rely on their innate abilities to moderate their body temperatures, plus, our goodwill as their owners to keep warm.